Music Café 2015

April 19, 2015  |  5-7 pm
The Church at Cahaba Bend

Music Café is an evening of music and fun at The Church at Cahaba Bend.  The original event was held to raise money to offset costs associated with recording the worship band's CD.  Subsequent events have been held as fundraisers for various ministries and mission projects since!

who benefits?

This year's Music Café is being held to benefit both the Helena High School Band and a mission team from The Church at Cahaba Bend who are going to Costa Rica this summer.  (see more below)

how is money raised?

Money is raised three ways at this event:

  • Ticket Sales (split between both beneficiary groups)
  • Music Request Auction (all proceeds to the HHS Band)
  • Silent Auction (all proceeds to the Costa Rica mission team)


Tickets Pricing:

  • $5 for an individual ticket
  • $20 for a family ticket (no limit on how many people as long as they are from the same household)

Ordering Tickets:

At present, tickets can only be purchased at the church.  Tickets will be available at the door, but we strongly encourage pre-ordering (it'll help us be sure there's enough food and drink for everyone).  If you are unable to stop by for pre-ordered tickets, feel free to drop us a note using the form to the right.  Someone will be in touch and will work out meeting with you to deliver your tickets.  Be sure to let us know if you also know anyone who attends the Church at Cahaba Bend in the "Message" section! 


It's an odd idea, but it works and it's fun!  Here's the deal ... you can request a song (before the event; opening bids start at $10).  The songs then go on the auction block as to whether they'll be played by our worship band ... or not.  Example:  John Doe requests "Every Breath You Take" by the Police for $20.  Once the auction begins, you can request for the band to NOT play the song for $25.  If that bid wins, the band doesn't play the song and the next song goes on the block.  However, someone could bid $50 to hear the song and then it's back on ... just like a regular auction.  Highest bid wins.  Songs get played ... or not.  Everyone enjoys.  The HHS Band gets some much-needed funding for their program.

Make a request now!


There will be several items up for bid at the Silent Auction.  Take a look around and bid on whatever interests you.  Highest bidder for each item takes home the goods and helps our mission team share the love of Christ in Costa Rica.

FOOD and Drink

There will be heavy snacks and beverages at the event. 


Childcare will be available.  Specific ages for childcare will be announced soon.

Silent Auction Preview

  • One Hour Massage
  • Brahmin Leather Handbag
  • Auburn and Alabama Wreaths
  • Handmade Jewelry
  • Yard Work
  • Clean the Clutter (Organization Time)
  • House Cleaning/Car Detail
  • Auburn (Non-Conference) Tickets (2)
  • Local Merchant Gift Certificates
  • Baseball Pitching Lessons (4)
  • Electric Guitar, Amp and Mic
  • Custom Logo - designed by Zack Nichols
  • Bham Craft Night tickets, cupcakes and Wine Package
  • Packaged Homemade Cookie Mixes
  • .... and more!

Mark & Stephanie from WDJC to Emcee

We are pleased to announce that Mark and Stephanie from WDJC's "The Way Home" will be joining us to emcee the event!


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