Interested in Serving?

Looking for ways to show gratitude while helping others? Mission opportunities are available through the Church at Cahaba Bend. 

camp hope

MISSION: To provide volunteer support to special adoptive ministry.
WHAT? Volunteer - help, hang-out with and supervise children during activities, cook, clean, set up, and take down. You can also choose to sponsor/support financially.
WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Anyone can help 2x per year at family days, but only adults can on camp weekends.
FREQUENCY? Monthly (with exceptions)
WHERE? Camp Chandler YMCA Camp in Wetumpka
DAY? Events usually fall on a Saturday
TIME? Typically 8 AM - Noon
CONTACT: Shawn Menke
E-MAIL: smenke@grandbridge.com
PHONE: 205-413-5528

Oak Mountain Missions Ministries

Over the past few years, the Church at Cahaba Bend has been involved in a mission effort with Oak Mountain Missions Ministries in Pelham as they serve people in Shelby and Jefferson Counties and the Black Belt region. Oak Mountain is in need of monetary gifts, non-perishable food items, furniture, working appliances, household items, linens, and clothing. A detailed list is available on the front table in the lobby at CCB. A box labeled Oak Mountain will be available at CCB for food items. Larger items such as clothing, appliances, etc., can be scheduled for pickup. Checks can be placed in the offering basket with “Oak Mountain Missions” written in the memo line. Additionally, Oak Mountain needs individuals to help with such things as stocking shelves and serving at their facility.

costa rica Missions projects (CRMP)

MISSION: To aid missionaries in Costa Rica.
WHAT? 10-day trip to Costa Rica to provide construction skills and other support services to a well-established UM mission, Costa Rica Mission Projects.
WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Anyone Senior High through Adult
FREQUENCY? Every other year (next trip in 2020)
TIME COMMITMENT? Several preparatory team meetings, help with group fundraisers, the trip itself, and a follow-up team meeting and presentation to church.
CONTACT: Shawn Menke
E-MAIL: smenke@grandbridge.com
PHONE: 205-413-5528

Red Basket Offering

The Church at Cahaba Bend regularly receives inquiries from individuals in need of assistance, and we help as we can with things ranging from paying utility bills to providing food resources to assisting people out of unsafe domestic situations. The resources for this work come from the Pastor’s Benevolence Fund (PBF). For those who would like to contribute to this fund, each time we have communion at Cahaba Bend, there will be a red basket present. All monies placed in this basket will go to the PBF to assist those in need.